Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dec. Cosmogirl and Seventeen daily giveaways words

Cosmogirl Giveaway Rules: Must be female between the ages of 13 and 25, and a legal resident of the United States or Canada (void Quebec).
You may enter one time per day.

1 - faded
2 - flare
3 - denim
4 - dark
5 - wash
6 - pants
7 - purse
8 - black
9 - tote
10 - carry
11 - leather
12 - color
13 - fab
14 - red
15 - chain
16 - hand
17 - wallet
18 - flowers
19 - pattern
20 - snap
21 - gold
22 - crown
23 - drop
24 - star
25 - wrist
26 - jewel
27 - time
28 - sun
29 - see
30 - glasses
31 - aviator

Seventeen Giveaway Rules: Must be female between the ages of 13 and 29, and a legal resident of the 50 United States, District of Columbia or Canada.
Void in Puerto Rico, Quebec Province, and where prohibited by law, unless otherwise noted. You may enter one time per day.

1 - glam
2 - pretty
3. sparkle
4 - essential
5 - fun
6 - flirty
7. fierce
8. posh
9 - sparkling
10 - playful
11 - stylish
12 - luxe
13 - colorful
14 - awesome
15 - nice
16 - glitzy
17 - sexy
18 - chic
19 - cool
20 - amazing
21 - beautiful
22 - girly
23 - bold
24 - makeup
Merry Christmas! 25 - special
26 - smooth
27 - hot
28 - striking
29 - trendy
30 - romantic
31 - charming

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Point and prizes


letitsnow -200 12/10/08
ruffles -150 12/11/08
gothic -100 01/03/08

Unknown exp.
450 points

150 points
club -150
pattern -150
meanings -150
tazo -150
thieves -150
kickbox -150
authority -150

100 points

50 points

15 points

10 points

5 points

Friday, December 5, 2008


Here is a program that is like google search engine but you win swag bucks . They can be redeemed for prizes . So far seems like a really good way to get some free gift cards. Here is my referral link.

Search & Win

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Point and Prizes word list 3



hooray worth 100 points
Tote worth 300 points
Lettuce worth 300 points


cajun worth 100 points
June worth 300 points


TRIBAL worth 50 points
BLEMISHES worth 50 points
RETIREMENT worth 50 points
WAFER worth 50 points
PINT worth 50 points
SPICES worth 50 points


guru worth 100 points
scientist worth 100 points

urgency worth 100 points

STOPLOSS worth 100 points


ruins worth 100 points
savinggrace worth 100 points

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick and simple codes 6/22-7/12

6/22 (backup) - Keep a copy of all your electronic files with a 160GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive from (7 prizes; ARV $130 each)

6/23 (storage) - Fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer with Produce Saver containers from (67 prizes; ARV $12 each)

6/24 (food) - Reduce pesticides and bacteria on your foods with the lotus sanitizing system from (5 prizes; ARV $150 each)

6/25 (music) - Get ring tones for your home phone with Ringboxx from (20 prizes; ARV $50 each)

6/26 (safety) - Make your home secure with the Security Titan panic Button Starter Kit with two remote controls from (4 prizes; ARV $200)

6/27 (organizer) - organize items in your home with a cool selection of products from (40 prizes; ARV $21 each)

6/28 (charger) - Be ready to talk anytime with the Yada YD-V1 universal phone charger and headset from (12 prizes; ARV $50 each)

6/29 (talk) - Go hands-free with an Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset from (7 prizes; ARV $120 each)

6/30 (play) - Kick back to music or movies with a sleek Walkman NWZ-S615 Video MP3 Player from (10 prizes; ARV $100 each)

7/1 (navigate) - Get directions, restaurant recommendations and more with the 2100 Max GPS system from (4 prizes; ARV $300 each)

7/2 (listen) - Take your tunes on the go with the TravelSound i50 from (10 prizes; ARV $70 each)

7/3 (organize) - A Collision.Kit, Travel prep.Pad, KidPack.Pad, and Pocket.doc from (15 prizes; ARV $53 each)

7/4 (learn) - Keep your kids reading through the summer with the new Tag Reading System from (16 prizes; ARV $50 each)

7/5 (shuffle) - Challenge your family on the road with the Take The Train game from (150 prizes; ARV $7 each)

Grand Prize: Custom-fit seat covers and floor mats to keep your car clean and stain-free this summer, from (1 prize; ARV $500)

7/6 (princess) - Cute collectibles from Snow White's Garden collection from (4 prizes; ARV $238 each)

7/7 (dog) - Tote your belongings in this furry bag from Fuz*** (23 prizes; ARV $39 each)

7/8 (booties) - A pair of brown booties and one pair of cream Teddy shoes; both size 0 to 6 months from (12 prizes; ARV $67 each)

7/9 (moisture) - A SpongeBob SquarePants Humidifier with night-light from (16 prizes; ARV $40 each)

7/10 (toys) - Use your imagination and these cool Wild Planet Toys to become a top spy, from (4 prizes; ARV $200 each)

7/11 (wipes) - Keep summertime germs at bay with a case of Sani-hands for kids from (35 prizes; ARV $26 each)

7/12 (crib) - MethodKid from and a Simmons crib mattress from (1 prize; ARV $550)

Freebies for Tuesday

Freebies for June 24,2008

Free Thomas The Train
Dog Gone Pain Supplement for Dogs
5oz Tube of GoJo
Short Survey for Free Box of New York Brand Pizzeria Dip'N Sticks
Teeccino Coffee
Free Christmas Ornament-Holidays at home
Free Woman's Day Magazine

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Website of the day - Grab

I sometime play on this game site you can enter tournaments and it is free. It is fun to win grabbles and you can enter them into raffles if you want to but I usually just keep them. Here is the link

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Starts June 20th - 1st 15,000 - FREE Travel Smart Kit - McNeil / Johnson & Johnson

The link wont be active until the 20th.

Free Travel Smart Kit, Includes free travel bag with coupons starting June 20th.

First 15,000 to sign up

Use Code: 2MCNMB5

Freebies for June 18 2008

June 18,2008


Free FitSmart Bar from Fiber35


Natures Bounty Odorless Fish Oil Samples
Astroglide sample
Free Laxative sample
Vivelle Dot Sample
Ostomy Device Disposal Bag
FREE sample of Na`Scent


Register for a FREE Sample of Chair Care
FACEOFF magazine

2 Free Energy Saving Lightbulbs!

2 Free Energy Saving Lightbulbs!

Green Energy Watch is giving away 10,000 FREE Energy Saving Light Bulbs to save energy and reduce green house gas emissions!

10,000 FREE Energy Saving Light Bulbs - Given Away - Value $20
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I am here to talk about this new site when I was searching the web on how to make money off blogs and signed up with Bloggerwave. Right now they only have one assignment now but and that is to promote their site. The minimum amount you can here is 1 dollar a post and they pay through paypal and you can add up to 5 blogs. It is really easy to get accepted fast in there program so I suggest everyone check it out here

Points and Prizes - word list 2


Here are some more words that I found.

PADDLING for 300 points
CARDIO for 300 points

SLUSHEE for 100 points

goulash for 100 points

newborn for 350 points
blueberry for 100 points
OILS for 50 points
LACES for 50 points
COAST for 50 points
CAMPAIGN for 50 points
IVORY for 50 points

riceball for 100 points

beach for 100 points

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Different Freebies

Household Almanac - Costco Walk-in Freebie

Free tonsillectomy care package from Dreyers *Mail in .pdf

Free $10 Outback Steakhouse Gift Certificate -mail in
By Mail. No Purchase Necessary. To request a promotional certificate send self addressed
stamped envelope (VT residence may omit postage) to: Outback Steakhouse Fathers Day
Certificate Request, 2202 N. West Shore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33607. Requests must be received by
July 5, 2008. Limit: One (1) per envelope. One (1) request per day. Illegible, incomplete or
mechanically reproduced requests are void. Not responsible for lost, late, damaged, delayed,
postage due or misdirected mail/requests.

Kohl's $5.00 GC - Free for Email Sign Up

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June 18th @ Noon ET - 1st 20 - FREE Givenchy Make-up - June Cover Look Giveaway - Self Magazine

June 21st - 1st 500 - FREE Smoothie for Wearing Flip Flops @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Be one of the first 500 customers wearing flip-flops at Tropical Smoothie Cafe on June 21, 2008 and you get a free 24 oz. Jetty Punch (strawberry and banana) smoothie.

Freebies for Tuesday

June 17, 2008


Multi Grain Cheerios
Garlic Gold Samples


Nutritioniste Skin Renew Lotion
Vaseline MEN Lotion
PERFECT 10 and Pantene Expressions
Playtex Personal Cloths
TENA Serenity
Sani Hands for Kids sample


Traxxas R/C (radio control) Models DVD & Catalog


Easy Closet sample

Odor-B-Gone (cat Odors) - Free Sample

MoreGs Blog review

I found out about this blog on social spark. I love the layout of this site and all the opportunity's listed about making money online. The blog reviews are honest about what site they are reviewing and it is nice to know there is a blog out there that will give you the honest truth . I think everyone should check it out and find out about opportunity's that I didnt even know about. I am going to include the link here.
I am also going to be this site in my blog roll because I want to visit this site often.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Freebies for Monday June 16,2008

Freebies For June 16,2008


Go Red" Light & Easy Recipes Cookbook
Free Spice sample- Email


Triple Flex 10 Caplet Sample
Dove Shine Therapy Shampoo
free advil liquid gels + $2.00 coupon
Nature Made new Liquid Softgel vitamins


Free Mini Bottle Of Clorox For Colors
free sample of AgriMark plant markers
Free postcards & information packet
coupon booklet- If you are not a StartSampling member you will need to register first.
FREE subscription to Heritage Magazine

Schick® Intuition Razor to the first 100,000,,d18kqtfd,...?ice=fsp,schic

Enter the Schick® Intuition Countdown to Wedding Bliss Sweepstakes and be among the first 100,000 iVillage members to respond and you can get a *FREE Schick® Intuition Plus® razor.

Make sure you tick the box stating you want the razor


Do you like to play games? Well with this program you can win money from the games for free. Everyone starts out with a penny and then as you climb up the ladder you can win even more money. You never lose you penny so you can always play and get money from your referrals also. They make this possible because of their sponsors. So everyone go check it out and see what you think it is free. here is the link to signup .
If you signup under me thankyou so much so far I don't have a referral yet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Want to increase your Technorati Authority rating

Want to increase your rating on Technorati well all you have to do is copy the list below and create a new blog post and add your website. Then try to promote it. Let the original creator of the experiment know that you joined the list.

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1. Brad - Daily Blog Tips For The Masses

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6. Indo - Find the Latest Contest Here

7. POTPOLITICS-We Smoke the Competition

8. ATA -

9. Dolly’s Daily Diary

10. The Tech Juice - Tech Tips And More

11. Wendy’s OBA, Blog Tips & Tricks

12. Wendy’s Reel - Fact And Fancy

13. A Grateful Heart

14. 50+Whatever..Just some Ramblings in Life

16. The Blog for DesignCreatology

17. Contest Whiz - The Blog Contest Expert

18. About Blog Contests

19. Esmeraldasblog - Como aumentar la Authority de Technorati

20. Best Widgets for free - Blog Widgets

21. New life by Pitonizza

22. Todo Seiya - Como aumentar la Authority de Technorati

23. Blog for Spanish Readers

24. The Blogger And The Blog

25. Hero Help

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27. Forex Study

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30. Darn Good Reviews

31. Blogger Tips - DotBlogger

32. Lilyruths This and That

33. That Blog 4 Me

34. Pinoytek - Make Money Online and SEO Blog

35. Snigit(blogspot)

36. Snigit(.com)

37. Best Of The Web

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57. The Ordinary Agung

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65. Yavinator log

66. I Travel to Work do you?

67. The Home Page of Tony Smith, Writer of Comic Books, Articles & Screenplays

68. Ultimate Credit Online

69. The Rhythm of Write

70. A Hoosier Family

71. Analyzed Marketing Solutions

72. O2S Media

73. Project Swole - Fitness and Nutrition

74. Life is simple, Don’t make it complicated

75. Yet Another Blog from Marco Ciacci

76. Freebies, Making money and More

77.Keep on joining!! Benefit yourself + the people above!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


We're giving away more than 8000 amazing items in June. See which day your favorites are up for grabs, then go to to find out what time you can enter to win them.

No purchase necessary. To enter and for full rules go to Starts 12:01am EST 6/1/08 and ends 7:59pm 6/30/08.

Random Freebies

TCBY Free Cup or Cone for Dad June 15th

The Sunkist Pledge promotion code is:SKTAS

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract -call in
Call 1-800-421-2998 and mention the ad in either June 08 of Delicious Living on page 19 or June 08 issue of Taste for Life

Text CHEXMIX to 467467 for a free sample of Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix....standard text messaging rates apply.

Free Onion Rings at TGI Fridays on Father's Day 6/15

$10 from eucerin -survey- have to quailfy

June 16th, 2pm to 8pm - FREE Float Day @ A&W Restaurants

June 20th - FREE Ice Cream & Cake @ Cold Stone Creamery

Freebies for Saturday June 14th,2008

Freebies for Saturday June 14th,2008


Frizz-Ease Weather Works and Creme Serum
Playtex Gentle Glide
FREE sample pack complete with a Kotex® Ultra Thin Pad with Wings, Kotex® Lightdays® Pantiliner (individually wrapped), and two Kotex® Security® Tampons
Free Sample Perfect 1O™ by Nice ‘n Easy
Ultra XCID
Gas-X Thinstrips
o.b. samples and plastic case


Benefiber Fiber Supplement
On The Go Drink Mixes

Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks
Holistic Blend Dog or Cat Food
LEAP Dog treats

free markers

Friday, June 13, 2008

Winzy Search and win

If you havent joined Winzy yet I suggest you do its a great way to win money or prizes . It is a search engine like google but instead you get points or win prizes. here is the link winzy

Points and Prizes

The link above is to a site where you can put in words found in their newsletters for points. Then when you have enough points you can pick from their prizes. you can only use 5 words per hour.

Here are some of the words found

good through 6/13/08
WELCOME worth 100 points
SHELTER worth 100 points
CARRIE worth 100 points
SUNDANCE worth 100 points
vitamins worth 300 points
DAYCARE worth 300 points

Good through 6/14/08
summer worth 300 points
cares worth 300 points
culture worth 100 points
snacktime worth 100 points
animation worth 100 points
lennon worth 100 points
CRIMINAL worth 100 points
MADNESS worth 100 points
PLAIN worth 100 points

Good through 6/15/08
fajitas worth 100 points
denim worth 350 points
salad worth 350 points
LASER worth 50 points
EMERGENCY worth 50 points
CLAW worth 50 points
JALAPENO worth 50 points
CRUMBLE worth 50 points
artichoke worth 50 points
seasoning worth 50 points
shredded worth 50 points - says it is not valid
RETAIL worth 50 points
RULES worth 50 points
TOFU worth 50 points
MINERALS worth 50 points .
WINE worth 50 points

Good through 6/21/08
reader -100 points
avatar -100 points
ringo -100 points?

Good through 6/22/08
list--100 points
daze--100 points
jumper--100 points

Good through 6/27/08
spider-100 points
sinatra-100 points

Good through 6/29/08
transformers -100 points
spiderwick- 100 points
HUTCHINSON - 100 points
CUBE - 100 points

Good through 7/02/08
ragu -100 points

Good through 7/03/08
suite -100
heroes -100

Good through 7/04/08
STREET -100 points

Good through 7/06/08