Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick and simple codes 6/22-7/12


6/22 (backup) - Keep a copy of all your electronic files with a 160GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive from ToshibaStorage.com (7 prizes; ARV $130 each)

6/23 (storage) - Fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer with Produce Saver containers from Rubbermaid.com (67 prizes; ARV $12 each)

6/24 (food) - Reduce pesticides and bacteria on your foods with the lotus sanitizing system from Tersano.com (5 prizes; ARV $150 each)

6/25 (music) - Get ring tones for your home phone with Ringboxx from HomePhoneTunes.com (20 prizes; ARV $50 each)

6/26 (safety) - Make your home secure with the Security Titan panic Button Starter Kit with two remote controls from TitanSafety.com (4 prizes; ARV $200)

6/27 (organizer) - organize items in your home with a cool selection of products from KnockKnock.biz (40 prizes; ARV $21 each)

6/28 (charger) - Be ready to talk anytime with the Yada YD-V1 universal phone charger and headset from LetsYada.com (12 prizes; ARV $50 each)

6/29 (talk) - Go hands-free with an Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset from Jawbone.com (7 prizes; ARV $120 each)

6/30 (play) - Kick back to music or movies with a sleek Walkman NWZ-S615 Video MP3 Player from SonyStyle.com (10 prizes; ARV $100 each)

7/1 (navigate) - Get directions, restaurant recommendations and more with the 2100 Max GPS system from Navigon.com (4 prizes; ARV $300 each)

7/2 (listen) - Take your tunes on the go with the TravelSound i50 from Creative.com (10 prizes; ARV $70 each)

7/3 (organize) - A Collision.Kit, Travel prep.Pad, KidPack.Pad, and Pocket.doc from GetButtonedUp.com (15 prizes; ARV $53 each)

7/4 (learn) - Keep your kids reading through the summer with the new Tag Reading System from LeapFrog.com (16 prizes; ARV $50 each)

7/5 (shuffle) - Challenge your family on the road with the Take The Train game from BicycleCards.com (150 prizes; ARV $7 each)

Grand Prize: Custom-fit seat covers and floor mats to keep your car clean and stain-free this summer, from YesEssentials.com (1 prize; ARV $500)

7/6 (princess) - Cute collectibles from Snow White's Garden collection from DisneyStore.com (4 prizes; ARV $238 each)

7/7 (dog) - Tote your belongings in this furry bag from Fuz***ation.com (23 prizes; ARV $39 each)

7/8 (booties) - A pair of brown booties and one pair of cream Teddy shoes; both size 0 to 6 months from Robeez.com (12 prizes; ARV $67 each)

7/9 (moisture) - A SpongeBob SquarePants Humidifier with night-light from Crane-USA.com (16 prizes; ARV $40 each)

7/10 (toys) - Use your imagination and these cool Wild Planet Toys to become a top spy, from SpyGear.net (4 prizes; ARV $200 each)

7/11 (wipes) - Keep summertime germs at bay with a case of Sani-hands for kids from SaniHands.com (35 prizes; ARV $26 each)

7/12 (crib) - MethodKid from methodhome.com and a Simmons crib mattress from SimmonsKids.com (1 prize; ARV $550)

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